Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Retreat Guidelines

1. Personal Toiletries
     a. Bath soap/shampoo
     b. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
     c. Towel/face towel
     d. Tissue
     e. Comb
2. OFF Lotion
3. Slippers/sandals/rubber shoes/socks
4. Notebook + pen
5. Pants - you cannot bring shorts
6. T-shirts - No sando/singlets or sleeveless
     a. FRIDAY: Yellow batch shirt
     b. SATURDAY: White batch shirt
     c. FRIDAY: Red batch shirt
    d. Extra T-shirts
7. Pajamas + Underwear/Lingerie
8. Sweater or jacket w/ hood(preferred)
9. Plastic bag for laundry
10. Personal medication
11. Optional: 
       a. Alcohol/Hand sanitizer
       b. Flashlight
       c. Bible

  1. No gadgets or any valuables allowed except for cameras and cellphones
  2. Travel Light
  3. Label all your belongings

  1. Please observe silence inside rooms and in hallways
  2. Please conserve energy and shut off fans and lights when not in use. Voltage is 220 for all outlets.
  3. Lights out is at 10: 30 pm
  4. Meals are served in the Dining Hall. After the meals, place the used plates and utensils in the designated areas. The Dining Hall will be closed an hour after the scheduled meal time for cleaning. The kitchen is off limits.
  5. Bringing food/ alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden
  6. Dress up properly and modestly
  7. Keep your rooms clean and orderly
  8. No smoking is allowed within the campus
  9. Each floor has a foster parent. Give your room keys to him or her when you leave the room.
St. James the Great 1& 2(Boys) - Tita Cleo Kalaw/ Tito Mike Hernandez/ Tita Cora Evangelista/ Tito Chito Reyes
St. John(202 - 209) - Tita Neng Silvestre
St. Bernadette(102 -112) - Tita Grace de Guzman/Tita Candy Magsanoc
St. Catherine(302 - 312) - Tita Rose Garcia
St. John(210 - 212) - Tita Bernadette Espinosa

St. John(202

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