Thursday, July 21, 2011

CS: We have an exercise - for Java
English: Director's runthrough - 50% of our LT
Fil: Speeches of Neil and Gelo
     Final formal essay due
     Personal essay first draft due.
Health: due by 8pm -Joaqui
            due by 6am- Chrstine
Physics: Do the hw/sw
Chem: For those who were called out earlier, the test spans along the entire UB.

STR: You must have all your sources by then.
Fil: Speeches for Carlyn and Reg
Eng: All the props and costumes are due.
Chem: Prob set. p.145: 4.12; 4.14
                          p. 146: 4:16; 4:30
                          p. 147: 4:46

Bio: LT
Physics: LT

Math: LT
Chem: LT

STR: Research briefs are due; Field trip

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